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Hospitality WiFi

MANIT Solutions provides Free and Paid WiFi Hotspot Services to bars, restaurants, hotels and other hospitality operators. Our Free WiFi Hotspot Service is designed to promote your business by attracting more customers to your location. We set up WiFi Hotspots that your customers can connect to and access the internet for FREE at your location, while they wait to be served. This provides a sure means of boosting your sales by engaging your existing customers for longer periods and attracting new customers to your location.

Event WiFi

Our Free Hotspot Service is also available to event organizers putting together parties, shows, conferences, summits and more. Increase attendance at your events by offering participants free internet access. Whether you are organizing a conference, party, concert or any other gathering, we have a suitable WiFi package for you.

WiFi Advertising

Reach thousands of users across the country with our WiFi Advertising platform. Our Free WiFi Hotspot Service offers businesses splash page and in-session advertising slots with impressive click-through rates. Display ads for your products and services on our network of hotspots across the country and gain access to the milliions of views from thousands of users every month.