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Take Your Business Online

At MANIT Solutions we offer you wide range of options in delivering effectively targeted ads to your desired audience.  As the number of internet users around the world continues to grow, more and more businesses are turning their attention to the millions of internet users world wide, to target marketing campaigns.

Whether big or small, we have a solution for every audience you wish to target on any advertising budget

  • Social Media Advertising

    We offer effectively managed social media advertising campaigns for businesses and organizations looking to advertise their products, services or events. Take advantage of the growing number of social media users, to deliver well targeted ads that reach your desired audience. We deliver high conversion rates by carefully selecting the right demographics that ensures the widest possible reach on any advertising budget.

  • Hosted Web Page Ads

    We also offer advertising spaces on high traffic partner websites that guarantee massive reach and visibility. Reach more users with our affiliate marketing program that delivers your ads through our network of bloggers and website publishers all over the world. With our Hosted Web Page Advertising service, you can set up well designed banner, sidebar and search ads with your desired content and manage them at your convenience.

  • WiFi Advertising

    Take your ads even closer to your target audience with our WiFi Advertising solution. MANIT Solutions offers advertising services delivered on our vast network of Free WiFi Hotspots distributed all across the country. We deliver your ads through click-to-access wifi hotspot splash pages as well as in-session ads that guarantee the highest click-through rates on the market.

  • Online Classifieds

    You can also set up your ads on our free online classifieds platform. Reach thousands of potential customers with our free online classifieds advertising platform with thousands of visitors each day. Whatever your advertising budget is, MANIT Solutions has an affordable solution to you advertising needs.