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Corporate Fleet Management

Our Enterprise Service Package offers the most advanced level of vehicle security and performance monitoring capabilities. It is built on the most advanced tracking devices with expandable capacity for add-ons such as cameras, fuel level sensors, RFID and other sensors. The Enterprise Package allows for feature customization and comes with more advanced performance monitoring features.

It is best for corporate fleet management for cars, bikes, buses, trucks, earth-moving equipment, boats and more.  With powerful fleet management tools built in, this package is ideal for corporate bodies looking to manage their own fleet operations as well as transport operators looking to manage taxi services, bus and public transport as well as dispatch and delivery services and more.

With the enterprise package you can extend and build on existing features with add-on accessories and sensors that give you a more comprehensive visibility in each vehicle.

Package Features

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Monitor live, the location and movements of your vehicles (and other mobile assets) from anywhere in the world. Our platform is web-based and can be accessed from any web browser enabled device any time. You also receive real-time notifications on any alert condition you have set up as events occur . 

  • SOS Panic System

    Send quick SOS messages to predefined contacts for assistance, in the event of an emergency, with a simple press of a button on your vehicle dashboard.

  • Vehicle Activity History Replay

    Replay a history of your vehicles’ movements and activities and review all past events and alerts that were triggered. Never miss a thing. Stay on top of events, even when you’ve been away for a while.

  • Instant Event Notifications

    Get instant notifications for alert conditions that are triggered; allowing you to stay on top of vehicle use policies that you have set for your drivers immediately they are violated. Alerts can be received by Email, SMS or in-app notifications.

  • Advanced Reports

    Document fleet activities with our extensive report types that record all the vehicles operations. You can run reports on trips, fuel usage, fleet policy violations, servicing and more.

  • Geo-Fencing

    Set the area of operation for your vehicles and restrict their activities and movements to that area only. Our system will notify you of every time your vehicle exits or enters your defined area of operation.

  • Mile-per-Gallon Fuel Analysis

    Set the fuel consumption rating (MPG) of your vehicle and receive detailed analysis of estimated fuel usage and cost per trip in your reports

  • Live Fuel Level Monitoring (Optional)

    Monitor the live fuel level and usage with an optional addition of a fuel level sensor that can check for refueling, siphoning (fuel theft), leakages and more.

  • Remote Vehicle Immobilizer

    Remotely shut down your vehicle in the event of a robbery or unauthorized usage with a simple click of a button. Your vehicle ignition system will remain disabled until you reactivate it from your account.

  • Add-on Accessories (Optional)

    Extend the capability of your current solution with add-on devices and sensors that provide more information on the vehicle’s status. You can extend your monitoring oversight with digital cameras, RFID Driver Identification, Fuel Level Sensors, Car Alarms and more.


  • Desktop and Mobile App Monitoring

    Get a single user access account that allows you to monitor your fleet with your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Mobile Phone. You can also install our mobile apps for Android and iOS respectively. 

Ready to Start ?

If this package suits your monitoring and fleet management needs sign up now and request an installation for your chosen service package. You can also download our proposal and get more detailed information on advantage our service offers you.