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Corporate Fleet Management

Our Enterprise Service Package offers the most advanced level of vehicle security and performance monitoring capabilities. It is built on the most advanced tracking devices with expandable capacity for add-ons such as cameras, fuel level sensors, RFID and other sensors. The Enterprise Package allows for feature customization and comes with more advanced performance monitoring features.

It is best for corporate fleet management for cars, bikes, buses, trucks, earth-moving equipment, boats and more.  With powerful fleet management tools built in, this package is ideal for corporate bodies looking to manage their own fleet operations as well as transport operators looking to manage taxi services, bus and public transport as well as dispatch and delivery services and more.

With the enterprise package you can extend and build on existing features with add-on accessories and sensors that give you a more comprehensive visibility in each vehicle.

Package Features

  • Real Time Monitoring

    Locate all your vehicles and get status information as they happen live. Allows user to view present location of vehicle and receive live updates of information on status and activities. Status indicators like speed, ignition, door locks, altitude, seat belt, fuel level and more are all updated in real time as they happen.

  • SOS Panic System

    Allows the vehicle user to quickly and easily request for assistance when in distress. During an emergency, the vehicle user can simply push the panic button attached to the installed tracking device to send an SOS message to up to three emergency contact numbers for assistance.

  • Vehicle Activity History Replay

    View a playback of your vehicle’s history of movements and past activities. Replay months of vehicle activities including movements and alert conditions that were triggered during the period. Never miss any event even when you are not logged into the system always.

  • Instant Event Notifications

    Get instant SMS, Email and Pop-up notifications on vehicle activities. Configure alert conditions and receive instant notification when any of them are triggered.

  • Advanced Reports

    Run detailed reports on fleet activities with our reporting feature. You have a host of detailed reports at your disposal that help you keep track and record fleet activities comprehensively.

  • Geo-Fencing

    Restrict your vehicles movements to specific geographic locations. Our Geo-fence feature allows you to create geographical boundaries within which your mobile assets are to operate. You instantly receive a notification when any of your vehicles moves out of its defined operational area

  • Desktop and Mobile Monitoring

    Track your vehicles from phone, PC or tablet from anywhere in the world. Our vehicle tracking app offers a advanced monitoring and security features that allow you to stay in control of your entire fleet even when you are away.
    With mobile apps for Android, Windows Phones, Blackberry and iOS along with a web based desktop interface, you can monitor your fleet even when on the move, from any device and any operating system available to you.

  • Remote Vehicle Immobilization

    Remotely shut down your vehicle with your phone, PC or tablet from anywhere. In the event of a theft or unauthorized vehicle usage, our system allows you to send a simple command to remotely disable the vehicle's ignition, immobilizing it for retrieval. The vehicle will remain immobilized till you reactivate it remotely.

  • MPG Fuel Analysis

    Stay on top of your fleet operating cost with detailed mile-per-gallon analysis of all vehicle movements. Analyze cost of each trip by mileage and assess how it contributing to your overall cost.

  • Live Fuel Monitoring

    Monitor live fuel levels and usage in vehicles and get analyses on fuel cost per trip. Our fuel monitoring system helps you track real time usage and check siphoning and fuel thefts that inflates your fleet costs.

  • Add-on Accessories

    You can extend the capabilities of the platform with more add-on devices and sensors that give you greater control and visibility over fleet operations. You can add cameras, temperature sensors, dispatch screens, buzzers and more, to provide you more data and control.

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