Data Network Solutions

/Data Network Solutions

Network Installation and Management

MANIT Solutions installs and manages both wired and wireless Local Area and Wide Area Networks for homes and offices.We help you design and build a stable and secure network to connect all your computers and networked devices with a well laid out structured cabling system that optimizes your network speed and avoids clutter. We also carry out upgrades of existing networks to increase speed, repair faults and breaks, fix blind spots, improve coverage and increase security on the network.

Internet Cafe Management

For internet cafe operators, we help setup and manage their business with the appropriate network solutions. We offer user management and billing software solutions that help you monitor internet connections and manage bandwidth usage as well as account for income from your users. MANIT Solutions also assists Internet Cafe operators in setting up and managing WiFi hotspots with extended coverage and the appropriate billing solution , to increase their reach and customer base.